4 actions to renew thankfulness when you just don’t feel it

My house decor is a good gauge of how I’m feeling lately. The thanksgiving fake pumpkins from Hobby Lobby are being overthrown by red and gold curtains and throw blankets. Why am I fast-tracking through thanksgiving? Why do I already have lights on my house and a tree with 5 colored twinkle strands? Because IContinue reading “4 actions to renew thankfulness when you just don’t feel it”

He Holds All Things and He’s already decided

I don’t know how you’re feeling about the election, but I know how Jesus feels. He’s completely calm and not freaking out. Know why? Because the outcome is already decided…by Him. Now some of us may not want to hear that if our candidate loses. I’ve been in that spot before, thinking, “God you gotContinue reading “He Holds All Things and He’s already decided”

What Faith Looks Like on Bad Days

I fought my way through yesterday. You know, those days where you’re trying to control and make things better and it all just keeps unraveling? One kid was coughing and can’t go to school until we have clearance from the doctor. (insert fear, worry and stress) My kindergartener came home crying because he and hisContinue reading “What Faith Looks Like on Bad Days”

Busy women need big faith this fall

The blessing and hardship of womanhood is that we don’t live for ourselves. Literally while I write this I have been interrupted by kids needing water, a cowboy outfit, and a hug for a stubbed toe. Gah! Our bodies were created to care for new life. Our hearts to love others first. Our minds toContinue reading “Busy women need big faith this fall”