Keeping Your Heart Door Cracked Open in Messy Relationships

Your friend royally hurt your feelings. Their words stung deep. There was no ‘I’m sorry’, no acknowledgement of wrongdoing. So what do you do? Many of us take the easy way out in conflict. We talk to others about the problem instead of confronting the person who hurt us. Perhaps we think it’ll make thingsContinue reading “Keeping Your Heart Door Cracked Open in Messy Relationships”

Busy women need big faith this fall

The blessing and hardship of womanhood is that we don’t live for ourselves. Literally while I write this I have been interrupted by kids needing water, a cowboy outfit, and a hug for a stubbed toe. Gah! Our bodies were created to care for new life. Our hearts to love others first. Our minds toContinue reading “Busy women need big faith this fall”

Moving from Solo to Solidarity in Rona Time

Just call me Mrs.Turtle. I tend to go into my shell when stressed. Other times busyness claims my focus and I forget about others. Anybody else? Without realizing it, I disconnect from people, stop reaching out, and can vanish into my little bubble of me and my family. But in doing so, I don’t receiveContinue reading “Moving from Solo to Solidarity in Rona Time”

A New Magazine: Simquily

There’s a new online magazine out there called, and it’s fabulous! “Instead of reacting and doing damage control when chaos hits, did you know you can preemptively claim your day’s tranquility?” Read more from the article I contributed called Finding Solace in the Chaos of Everyday Life to this month’s issue. There’s a plethoraContinue reading “A New Magazine: Simquily”

Conquering Fear of Rejection & Stepping into Courage

My friend Jennifer boldly describes tender and hard areas that can keep us silent…unless we conquer our fear of rejection and step into courage. Read how in today’s guest blog.   By Jennifer Slattery For a long time, fear of rejection was my greatest foe. It hindered my relationships with others, my effectiveness, and myContinue reading “Conquering Fear of Rejection & Stepping into Courage”

Reclaiming Redemption

Today’s post over at WhollyLoved Ministries is a MUST READ. It’s all about reclaiming our redemption. What does it mean to be redeemed? And what power awaits when we do?! Join me over at WhollyLoved for this powerful blog.   **Here’s how to GET MORE free truth bombs right to your inbox. You matter to me! Find yourContinue reading “Reclaiming Redemption”

Godly Disagreement Action Plan

Do you love being criticized? No? Me neither. It’s so hard to remain patient with others when we disagree or feel attacked. I need an action plan because conflict is bound to come and I want to be prepared. My first instinct when someone criticizes me is often to defend myself — the I’m right,Continue reading “Godly Disagreement Action Plan”

How to Live out God’s Character

Goals, pressure, perfection, progress—it’s easy to get sucked into believing we’re the cause of success and growth. But real change happens as God gives us grace to be like Christ according to our willingness to walk with a second place mentality. Transformation happens when we accept His will over self-will, and consider the needs ofContinue reading “How to Live out God’s Character”