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I’m so honored and excited to share my back to school devotional published with Our Daily Bread. I hope it encourages you through this time of uncertainty and spurs you on to be light to others. XO Andrea

I wave at the kids as they enter school and exit my care. It’s a huge change compared to the last 5 months of seclusion. Like you, I’ve cooked all the meals, refilled water, pushed swings, kissed skinned elbows, and broken up fights over whose turn comes next. That’s been my life for so long, but now PBS is on for no reason. And my soul still questions, where do I go from here? Lord what do you want me to do?

Change consumes us right now. Every day thrusts a new hurdle or a new opportunity. Sometimes disappointing us. Sometimes pushing us into our calling. Either way, change invites us to make decisions. To move forward with Jesus.

But often I simply can’t make the choice. I don’t know what the right way is. Or if there even is a right way. Do you ever feel that? The good news is God doesn’t expect us to have all the answers.

“Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.”

Psalm 143:8

Today’s verse reminds me that we can, and should, ask the Lord which way to go. Not only that, but we can ask God to show tangible evidence of His love in our day. Enemies swarmed David in Psalm 143. He didn’t know how to escape. He needed God to literally do something and show him the way. So often I need that too. But I forget to ask.

If that’s you in this season, know that God does have a plan for your life. He wants to partner with you in choices and in challenges. He wants to grow you and your trust in Him. And He wants you to partner with Him through prayer. Don’t go it alone, ask God to show up in your uncertainty.

Let’s get practical: What are the big choices looming in your life? Take time to write a prayer to the Lord asking Him to show you clearly which way to go or to bring the right opportunity. Praise Him for His unfailing love. And reaffirm your trust in Him.

What are your unknowns right now?

Mine sound like this: I haven’t heard back so I don’t know if I’ll work there. The kids might be home in November so I probably shouldn’t apply. We are not connecting, I don’t know what’s going on in that relationship. Will I be able to see grandpa soon?

I could go on. But God doesn’t want me to. Like today’s Psalmist we are better off turning our thoughts from our unknowns to God’s known.

“I will ponder all your work, and meditate on your mighty deeds.” Psalm 72:12 ESV

In Hebrew, this verse says to meditate and speak of God’s work. We talk to ourselves all day and if I’m not mindful, my inner conversation turns negative. That’s because I’m talking to myself about my PROBLEMS instead of speaking truth of God OVER my problems.

LETS GET PRACTICAL: make a list of your unknowns. Then make a list next to it of what you know about God. He is provider, redeemer, protector, ever present, and perfectly loving. When negative thoughts arise, call them out as fear. Then ponder God’s control and speak truth over your problem.

XO Andrea

Divert your mind from dwelling on problems by mentally speaking truth OVER your problems.

-Andrea Chatelain
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