Advent: Open Your Gift

For decades of Christmases I had an unopened gift under the tree. Santa didn’t put it there. It was placed there for me by the greatest gift giver of all. But I was scared of it, didn’t understand the packaging, and thought I needed to be in my Christmas best instead of my bedhead toContinue reading “Advent: Open Your Gift”

There’s only one way to live a fruitful life

We want more from life. We want more out of ourselves. We want to be better people, to love better, and feel whole. But there’s only one way for God to accomplish His purposes through us. And first we have to figure out what’s missing. The Holy Spirit. A lot of us have grown upContinue reading “There’s only one way to live a fruitful life”

Jesus is not afraid of the dark

I look at the pictures of white supremacists and their hate scares my soul. I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how that much hate can live inside a person, inside a group of people. My defense is to say nothing. Because the problem seems too big and I am not an expert. But thereContinue reading “Jesus is not afraid of the dark”