4 actions to renew thankfulness when you just don’t feel it

My house decor is a good gauge of how I’m feeling lately. The thanksgiving fake pumpkins from Hobby Lobby are being overthrown by red and gold curtains and throw blankets. Why am I fast-tracking through thanksgiving? Why do I already have lights on my house and a tree with 5 colored twinkle strands? Because IContinue reading “4 actions to renew thankfulness when you just don’t feel it”

Thanksgiving prayer for you

I want to take a moment and wrap us up in prayer today as we travel, gather, or stay put because Thanksgiving can be filled with both joy and sorrow… Jesus thank you for each one of my readers. Thank you for all that you are doing in our lives that you are in controlContinue reading “Thanksgiving prayer for you”

Overcoming the Bewitching Hour

I have two bewitching hours. You know, the hours that you are just done with the day? First is suppertime when children are running crazy, hanging on my leg, dog is barking, “mom I’m hungry!!!”, and the noodles overflow. If we survive that,  bedtime is a minefield of emotions. One is crying because her headContinue reading “Overcoming the Bewitching Hour”

Mamaship: Surviving Motherhood

It’s 3 degrees out and my best friend’s car pulls up to my snowy sidewalk. There he waits for the bus everyday without freezing his face off. And I survive motherhood a little better because I don’t have to wake up my two slumbering littles. It may seem like a small insignificant act of kindness,Continue reading “Mamaship: Surviving Motherhood”

Treasuring up Christmas

I love Christmastime so much I don’t want to let it go. So many things about this season make life a little sweeter and love a little louder. I want to take it with me into the snows of January and the rains of April and the sunburns of July. Mary did too. In LukeContinue reading “Treasuring up Christmas”