Accepting God’s Good plans When Life Doesn’t Go Our Way

Anyone else feel like all plans are in the trash and instead uncertainty looms all around? I can so relate with my guest blogger today, Barbara Shippy from Simquily Magazine. She’s gone through hard seasons of discouragement and came out the other side to share her wisdom with us. I thank her for writing toContinue reading “Accepting God’s Good plans When Life Doesn’t Go Our Way”

Praise the Lord for He is Good

This month we’re reflecting on God’s goodness. I was so hit by Psalm 103 I want you to discover His goodness for yourself. Read it here. I love how the psalmist says “Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-” in verse 2. Like he’s saying I dare you to makeContinue reading “Praise the Lord for He is Good”